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FFXIV (Final Fantasy) Fashion Report is a special multiplayer role-play game contest in which players can win rewards by participating in it. The game was developed by Square Enix for Mac-OS, PlayStation 4, X-Box One. Our site is updated with rewards, new fashion report, how to win these rewards, and reports every week. We appreciate your interest in reading the reports and visiting our site. Keep supporting us by sharing the site with your friends and family.

All credits go to “Ms. Kaiyoko Star’s theory-crafting” and Square Enix. Regards: “FFXIV Fashion Report Team”.



Site Owner

Hi, my name is Asif, I usually write about Gaming and Technology. I’ve researched a lot about this game FFXIV (Final Fantasy XIV) and decided to start a website. All the content uploaded on the site is up to date and not my private property (game).

Thanks again for surfing the website for sharing the news with your friends and loved ones. We really appreciate it and keep up the good work. If you need more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us by visiting the contact page on our site.

When do we Update?

The site will be updated every week when there is a contest in a game or a new fashion report event. All the events unlocking and rewards will be shared on our site as soon as they’re released and tested by us. We don’t share the details not been tested by us. Further on, you can quickly navigate to the update page and see if there is any security update news of this game. Many of our fans are on the waiting list for the update of events and games (store). Be sure to check back our site every day for the latest updated news.

The last time we updated the event and fashion report was “15-October-2020“.

Do we share free stuff?

All the game content, rewards, events winning prices are distributed by the game. We can only guide on how to achieve and win the events and claim the prize money for it. For rewards, you’ll have to go through the walkthrough guided on our site and try your luck.

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