What is the FFXIV Fashion report?

FFXIV fashion report is a special contest held every week. In this contest, participants can earn rewards by showing the best outfits fashions. Special thanks to “Ms. Kaiyoko Star’s theory-crafting” for a great final fantasy contest.

Final fantasy xiv is available on paid plans with 3 packages. However, you can play a free trial without a subscription up to level 35. You’ll have to register an account to start the free trial. The free trial has some restrictions on communication and currency. Paid plans are below:

Subscription plans

1. Standard edition: $20 (with realm reborn)

2. Shadow bringers: $40 (requires standard edition completion first)

3. Complete edition: $60 (includes standard and shadow bringers editions both)

Types of rewards

There are two types of rewards offered by the final fantasy.

  1. 100 points: A special one time reward called “Fashion Leader” with 60,000 MGP.
  2. 80 points: Rewards containing only 60,000 MGP.

Unlocking Fashion Report (How it works)

The fashion report feature can be unlocked as soon as you reach Level 15. It also requires you to unlock “Gold Saucer“.

FFXIV Fashion Report

FFXIV Weekly Fashion Reports

1. Weekly Fashion Report this Week 135

2. Updated Fashion Report this Week 136

3. Fashion Report this Week 137

4. Fashion Report this Week 138

5. Fashion Report this Week 139

6. Week 144 fashion report


Fashion Report this Week 140

Video credits/owner: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4Gi8vzkgo9TLAHazQCPFXw

ffxiv fashion report this week

Week 145 fashion report:-

80 Points rewards

    • Hempen Acton
    • Hempen Kecks

100 Points rewards

    • The rainbow cap of aiming
    • Hempen acton
    • Archaeoskin Shoes of Aiming
    • Hempen kecks

Final Fantasy xiv report guide [week of August]

All the guidelines will be published in a separate category. Please check the category to find the relevant information. Final Fantasy fashion report breaking rules.

1  Rose Pink
2  Green Dye (Moonfire halter)
3  Emperor Gloves
4  Black Dye (Amateur’s slop)
5  Black Dye (Soot)
100 Points
1  Emperor Gloves (New)
2  Amateur Slops
80 Points

1. Week of September 4 report
2. Week of September 11 report
3. Week of September 25 report
4. Week of October 2 report

FFXIV tribal warrior fashion report

To get the tribal warrior, check out this video: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uoq_olJD2iw (Credits: https://www.youtube.com/user/ClysmCast)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to unlock the fashion report?

Answer: You’ve to complete at least level 10 before you can begin unlocking other classes. You can switch back player’s classes at any time.

Q: How does fashion report work?

Answer: You must go to NPC by wearing the items according to the theme or have glamoured gear. It works on how your item looks. You’ll gain the score according to your item. You’ll have to gain a higher score as much as possible.

Q: Where is the fashion report ffxiv?

Answer: You can find the fashion report at Position X=4.8, Y=61.

Q: How to do or write a fashion report?

Answer: A fashion report can be done by reaching level 15 and by unlocking the gold saucer. Go see Lewana in the gold saucer at (X=4.8, Y=6.1)

Q: How to make spring bottoms?

Answer: For the spring bottoms report vendor, you need to rack up more than 300 points to get it. House items unlock at 100 points, while spring bottoms unlock at approximately 300 points.

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